The Watch That Could Do Anything

When time means nothing, and wishes rule, watch out!

The Watch That Could Do Anything by RJ BucchianeriThe quest for a magical watch lures Nicholas and his father into the land of a cruel King and his brave, bumbling knights. Will naughty wood elves, wily wizards, and giant amphibians put an end to a young boy’s dreams?

Father and son fight all, plus singing lightbulbs and fierce librarians; meanwhile, The Watch rules and every creature morphs at its touch.

More About the Story

The tale revolves around the adventures of a young boy who is obsessed with the idea of a magical Watch and his father, Rigoberto, full of misgivings but who, like most dads, wants to give his son his heart’s desire. Thus, a quest ensues, and the story becomes an adventure involving giant amphibians, vain reptiles, mind boggling riddles, wily wizards, a cruel King, bumbling and brave Knights, fierce librarians, singing lightbulbs, and naughty wood elves.

And each creature—animal, vegetable, or mineral—is profoundly affected by the spell and journey of the Watch itself as it galumphs through the greater history of Cape Crockerbeehind, truly a strange, and not entirely fair place, although, all in all, a rather nice place to live.

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2 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    I have not finished reading yet. But as My world interfered and Made me do some on line work. I slipped in time to look you up.
    You are the cause I was sleepy today.
    Once I started reading I could not get away.
    Adventure and word play. So many that you just have to say out loud.
    I smiled even as I yawned. For my mind keeps going back to the world of “The Watch That Could Do Anything”

    Thank you and good luck with future books.

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